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Scott’s Mowing, I’ll cut ya grass was established in 2011
Our number 1 Goal - To be Bigger than our mate Jim!

Scott’s Mowing NQ – “Ill cut ya grass” was established in the year 2011. Although it started as a small side business for Scott, it is fast becoming Cairns’ number 1 lawn mowing company servicing Cairns and surrounds. Scott’s motto is simple - ‘to be bigger than his mate Jim’. A fun fact which is fast becoming a reality.

What started out as a business to assist Scott in achieving his dream of owning a large boat, has now become his full-time passion employing over 20 local staff and an exciting opportunity to franchise the Business name – Scott’s Mowing NQ.

Although the company started out with Scott mowing 4 lawns every Saturday to fund his passion for fishing, it soon grew with the addition of his first employee Jake. Jake was straight away featured in a Cairns Post article, titled, ‘A cut above the rest’.

The article was written about young achievers and how Jake, at age 20, was working hard and going beyond the call of duty in his role at Scott’s Mowing.

While most young 20 years olds are in their party years, Jake was making the most of early starts, earning more then what an average 40-year-old would bring home due to his diligence, great work ethic and ability to impress his clients. No job was ever too big or too small for Jake to handle.

Jake set the bar high for all the future employees of Scott’s Mowing NQ with his younger brother Ben following in his footsteps soon after.

Scott’s Mowing NQ set itself a goal to become a contractor and employer of choice within the Cairns and Far North Region and believes that it is now seen in this light with many of our current team members having come to us by direct approach and word of mouth recommendation. We provide meaningful employment and business to business opportunities to our Cairns and FNQ Region by placing an emphasis on engaging locally when employing new team members, and sourcing goods and services from family owned and operated business as a first preference. In doing this we are aiming to give back and assist others to grow and develop in the same way that Scott’s Mowing NQ had the opportunity to do.

Scott’s Mowing NQ is a family-owned Cairns Company. The Directors live in Kewarra Beach and have been Northern Beaches locals for the last 20 years. Their children go to the local Catholic Schools, and they are heavily involved in the local AFL and Cricket Clubs. Scott has captained Barron River Cricket Club in the past and has recently retired.

The Scott’s Mowing Head Office is located at 22 Cattana Road, Yorkeys Knob and have a large fleet of vehicles and a fully operating depot at the Head Office address.

Scott’s Mowing NQ employ 20 Cairns locals and has a policy of hiring staff on a full-time basis, rather than contractors and casuals. It is the belief of both Directors that staff should have constant, reliable work, and be able to take paid holidays and sick days when required. We believe this proves our commitment to providing stability for our workforce and offering long term, permanent employment. Scott’s Mowing NQ also source all their equipment locally. They do not order parts or equipment off the internet, preferring to pay slightly more to inject those funds to local suppliers. All our vehicles are locally sourced from Irelands and Trinity Ford.

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